9+Best running shoes for men under 2000 in India 2021

Running shoes is the key in such an aspect that having a good quality of running shoes gives you more reliability and comfort while playing or whatever you wish to do.

Hi guys, In this post, I’m going to tell you about the best running shoes for men under 2000.

A few days back I was thinking to purchase the best running shoes for myself. As I’m getting really upset for the reason, that I’m not getting to results initially that I’m looking for.

There are quite parameters for deciding the shoes that are their Flexibility, Traction on road, Superior Cushioning, and their grips to hold.

Best running shoes for men under 2000

A good pair of shoes not only gives confidence it also helps us to prevent unwanted inquiries.

Running shoes are constructed in such a way that gives more emphasis on the feet and helps to hold the grips even in wordless conditions like in mud and providing Stability as well as Motion control.

Buying high-quality shoes from the well-renounced brands aren’t worth it every time as there are many more brands available that give more sustainability and having lower price rates compared to them.

I personally do not always go for big brands. Big brands are equal to big pockets. Hahaha isn’t it.

Always go for the quality product, not for the brands. In this list, I have listed down inexpensive yet good shoes under your budget.

Best Running Shoes under Rs.2000

There are quite a huge variety of best running shoes under 2000 rupees which are attractive and built
with great quality as well.

List of the Best Running Shoes under Rs.2000

Adidas Men’s Glarus M Running Shoes


If you looking for comfort running shoes this Adidas Men’s Glarus M Running Shoes fulfills all the columns for you. It Builts with high-quality shoe material.Best for jogging, running.

It’s best for any person who is looking for a stylish yet extremely comfort running shoe this fits best.

It has an EVA midsole which maximizes stability and grip. Non-slippery, Durable and provides the perfect grip on the traction of roads.

Sole is extremely lightweight, Upper part of the shoe is made up of synthetic overlays which makes it very

Best reason for buying this pair of running shoes it’s all seasonal can use them in rough tough conditions
sustainable in any temperature.

In final words its value of money product, long lasting and trendy at the same time.


Color   — This Shoe is available in multiple color variants
Weight  — Shoe is extremely lightweight, fits best for the workout, running, or playing.
Sole       — This shoe has a rubber sole that helps to keep better traction on slippery surfaces
Material— Shoe provides Eva midsole, mesh that helps in provide great stability and grip.
Flexible — This Shoe is made keeping in mind for its flexibility.
Closure— This Shoe is Lace up for its closure


Extremely lightweight
Provides Super grip in slippery areas
Durable and ultra comfortable
Suitable to wear in all conditions
No flex marks while wearing.
Trendy Looking shoes


No great drawback

Puma Men Keen IDP


Puma is a brand that comes in the first row of marketers in the field of shoes. Puma Men Keen IDP is
the perfect shoe has a breathable upper portion made of knitted mesh and rubber.

Super Classy, Designed keeping in mind for effortless running. its sole is made up of rubber,round shaped
and its edges are silhouette with synthetic finish across the body of the shoe.

Super lightweight best suitable to wear during the workout and running.If you have a budget of around 2000
it is one of the best shoe brands in India for you.

Considering the best running shoes what aspects we keep in mind, Firstly super flexible, Comfortable to wear
Nonslippery, Perfect hold on surface, and super lightweight.

Puma Men Keen IDP covers all the marks and having my personal opinion it is one of the top running
shoes in India.


Color     — This shoe is available in 4 color variants
Weight  — Super lightweight to wear
Material– This shoe has knitted mesh material that helps to give better breathability
Sole        — This shoe has a rubber sole that helps to keep better traction on slippery surfaces
Flexible — Super flexible never leave flex marks.
Closure — It has Lace-up closure

Perfect Grip on a slippery area
Waterproofable Order 1 size above your regular shoe size
Super lightweight
perfect wearing shoe
Durable and last longing shoe


Limited color variants

Order 1 size above your regular shoe size


Adidas Men’s Drogo M Running Shoes


If you are looking for trendy smart looking running shoes Adidas Men’s Drogo M Running Shoes will
certainly your best choice. It’s rough tough ready to wear in any extreme conditions.

This shoe has an EVA midsole which provides extreme comfort to feet while running. It has 3-Stripes
contrast accented on the upper mesh.

This shoe is available in 3 different colors that are Mystery Blue, Silver Metallic, and True Orange.
Adidas men’s Running Shoes best suitable for jogging and running purposes.

If you take my personal opinion this Adidas Drogo M Running Shoe comes in the top running shoes in India.
its outsole is made up of textile lining which made it super comfortable.

Apart from its trendy look, it is highly durable which made it the perfect shoe for running.

Key factors

Color– This shoe offering multiple color variants which are very different from every color contract.
Weight– Very lightweight while wearing feels nothing heavy on feet.
Closure– Lace-up Closure.
Quality– Build up with premium shoe material

Pros Cons
Very comfortable Does not available in extra-large feet size.
provides super grip on the surface
best to wear while gyming, workout, or jogging
quality shoe

Puma Mens Seawalk Idp Running Shoes


This Shoe is made up of fine mesh that helps to gather the moisture inside the shoe and provides a
a good amount of breathability to feet.

The shoe sole is made up of supreme rubber which helps to keep it lightweight and helps to get ultra
tight grip on roads which is the major feature of this shoe.

As we always expect to get the value of money product under are price range this Puma Mens Seawalk Idp
Running Shoes certainly cool shoes to wear.

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